Newborn Photographer

Welcoming a baby into your family is such an exciting, but hectic time in your life. It means making time to take care of this new little person that needs so much of your time and attention. Sleep is a thing of the past, unsoiled clothing is a luxury and ’round the clock feedings seem to be never-ending. The good news this phase doesn’t last forever. The bad news is also that it doesn’t last for long!

A newborn baby is considered “newborn” in the photography industry for a short 2 weeks after birth (longer if they are born before their due date), but the point is, you have a short window in which to preserve this important time in your baby’s life. Sadly, you probably won’t remember every little detail of your baby as memory fades over time. Like the sheer tininess of your baby, or the milk bumps on their face, maybe even a stork bite or angel kiss birthmark that fade over time. It might be their tiny little fingers and toes, or maybe even the freshness of their skin flaking. These are the things I want to preserve for you so these memories will last your lifetime.

Newborn photography is a luxury and in some cases it is an unplanned expense. I totally can identify with and am sensitive to it, too. That is why I offer payment plans. This allows moms and dads to have their images taken while their baby is still “fresh” and to pay for their images over several weeks. It really is getting to have the best of both worlds. I photograph your child during a time in their life that you can never get back and you pay for them over 6 to 8 weeks while you’re bringing in more income for your family, instead of paying in one lump sum. Little bites are a lot easier to swallow than trying to eat the whole enchilada in one bite.

Newborn Photography hasn’t always been around in the form that it is now. It has only gained in popularity over the last 5 years at an explosive rate. One thing that has seemed to deter second-time moms from getting newborn photos for their new baby is due to not having had them done with their first child. My answer to this is, Why shortchange yourself? Why shortchange your family for the new memories that could be preserved? Your first child might not have newborn photos and the past cannot be changed, but you get to chance to record their joy and excitement of becoming a big sister or big brother! That is something worth memorializing in your family history! Let go of the guilt and preserve what memories are here now to be captured! Here are some tips to help narrow down your search.

I recommend booking your newborn session while you are still pregnant in order to ensure a spot on my calendar. Due to the short time frame newborns need to be photographed in order to get those sleepy and dreamy poses, you may not be able to get in once the baby is born. PLUS, if you book your maternity and newborn sessions together, then you get a special bonus. Inquire now for further details and lets get your free no-obligation consultation set up at my studio.