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In addition to rolling out the new branding for my Maternity and Newborn photography in Mount Washington KY, I have also included a whole new line of luxury products into my client offerings.  I have searched long and hard to be able to offer the best presentation of your images through the finest products in the industry!  I am truly excited about everything in my product line up, but this post is just about 2 of them that are near and dear to my heart!

The most popular new item is the Photo Prints on Wood.  This product involves a very tedious fabrication process in making each wood block with which your images will be showcased upon.  They are handcrafted one by one in a shop with true woodworking craftsmen, not in a machine driven shop where your product isn’t being worked on by a skilled laborer.  Your photo becomes a living and breathing piece of art from the moment the wood is hand selected to be carved up for your order all the way until the time I deliver to you.

Mount Washington KY Newborn Photographer | Photo Prints on Wood through Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Photos of woodworking shop are courtesy of the vendor.

Mount Washington KY Newborn and Maternity Photographer | Jennifer Rittenbery Photography |

Photo courtesy of the vendor

As much of a labor of love as it is for the woodworkers to create such beauftul handcrafted woodwork, it is just as much of a labor of love for me to provide you with these beautiful images to adhere to their products!   Below is one of the options for a jawdropping photo wall that is included in my Collections.  This would wow any guest into your home or baby’s nursery!

Mount Washington KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

“Perfect Mix Photo Wall” is one of the exclusive new photo prints on wood options included in the Collections that I offer.

This product is so versatile!  You can hang on the wall, sit on a pedestal or stand them straight up on your desktop.  They even come predrilled and are ready to hang!

Mount Washington KY Newborn and Maternity Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Large Photo Print on Wood displayed standing on its own.

The next product line I’m extremely excited about are my new canvases.  The new canvases that I am carrying are the best quality to be found in the industry.  Each one is made by hand with artisan quality canvas and printed with lifelong UV and Water resistant inks. Each frame is assembled with artist quality kiln-dried fir stretcher bars.  Once the frame is assembled, then it goes to the stretcher machine to tightly wrap your canvases to give the highest quality mounting and tight corners.  True craftsmanship goes into each and every canvas!  These are far above the competition of other lower quality canvas dealers that you may find online shipping products made of foam core or particleboard. These are made to last and will be gorgeous art pieces that will remain timeless on your walls for years to come.

Mount Washington KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Luxury Canvas with high quality wood frame construction & UV resistant ink.  Canvases shown in (2) 16×20 and (1) 20×30


I have so much more to show you with my new line of luxury albums, but they are still in transit to me so they will make it into the next blog post.  My passion for photography and providing the highest level of service and products drives me to continue to bring you the best of the best in the market.  As new products are added over time, I will continue to share them with you in the same format so you can stay informed!

It is highly recommended to book your newborn session while you are still pregnant to ensure your spot on my calendar. If you would like more information about booking a session or seeing my products in person, please email me at for a studio tour and consultation.

Jennifer Rittenberry Photography specializes in newborn, maternity and baby photography in addition to offering limited child and family photography in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas including but not limited to Mount Washington.


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I really enjoy being a newborn photographer and all of the friendships that it has created with the prop vendors I buy from on a regular basis, even though none of them are from the Louisville area like I am. lol.  I started this blog series to feature some other women-owned small businesses, mainly from the newborn prop industry.  My goal is to humanize these ladies by putting faces with a name and shine a light on them doing what they do best.  Possibly even inspire someone along the way whether you’re a photographer, a prop maker or just a mom that loves baby photos!

This week I’d like to highlight Elizabeth Whitton from Oh So Fleeting!  

Elizabeth in her work space. Look at how organized this lady is!

Elizabeth in her work space. Look at how organized this lady is!

basement 1

Wool fluff storage

Tell a little about yourself.  How many kids do you have?   How long you been married?  Where do you live?

My daughters are Grace, age 12 and Rue, age 7.  Grace plays the cello and loves riding horses.  Rue is outgoing, imaginative and loves animals.  My husband Joshua and I have been together for 13 years.  We are best friends and have a great relationship because we really prioritize keeping it that way.  We live in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati OH (we’re right across the river).  I’ve lived in this area all my life, and so have my parents and most of my extended family.  Northern Kentucky is just that kind of place.  If you’re born here, it is hard to escape!

What did you do prior to being “Oh So Fleeting”

I never had a career, because Grace was born right after we graduated from college.  I wanted to be home with my kids, so I only ever worked flexible part time jobs.  It was an eclectic mix that included: secretary for an environmental organization, house cleaning, and being a buyer for a small retail store.  Along the way, I got into fiber, and learned how to knit, crochet, spin yarn, needle felt, wet felt, dye and sew (I do some much better than others!).  I started trying to sell crafty things on Etsy in late 2009.  I made every beginner mistake possible, but through trial and error and studying what other successful sellers did, I finally was starting to figure things out by 2013 (ha!).  That September my husband lost his job, and rather than getting another job he wouldn’t enjoy, we both started businesses.  Mine was Felted Sky Studio, a new Etsy shop where I would “be serious” about making money.  I decided to sell needle felting kits based on my artwork and needle felting supplies including lots of wool.  I also planned to wholesale my kits to yarn stores and online shops.  I spent a huge amount of time and energy getting Felted Sky off on the right track, and by the spring it already had steady sales, but my husband’s business still wasn’t doing much.  I was starting to believe that my online shop might be able to support us fully, but it would need a big jump in sales by September (the one year mark).

How did you get into newborn prop making?

That same spring (only a year and a half ago!) I started noticing that newborn photographers were purchasing wool from me to use as a photo prop.  I knew nothing about newborn photography or the prop scene.  All of my branding and photos were geared towards needle felters and fiber art people.  I had one photographer friend who assured me that newborn photographers were plentiful, spent LOTS of money on props, and were constantly buying new ones.  It appeared that I had discovered a new customer base for selling wool.  There were only a few vendors that I could find who were selling props made from wool like mine, but those products all appeared to be felted in some way which made them more expensive than the wool I was selling in its un-felted state.

I started trying to figure out the newborn prop scene, and experimented with a number of different ideas and prototypes as well as trying to use Facebook to make connections with photographers.  I had one really lucky break that led to the name recognition I needed to get established.  I made contact with Jackie Baughman of Cream n Cocoa photography, arguably the best newborn photographer in my area.  She was so helpful!  She gave me ideas and feedback, and put me in touch with five amazing and well-known photographers: Jade Gao, Caralee Case, Courtney Weittenhiller, Amy McDaniel and Nicole Smith.  Their facebook tags and gorgeous images are what really got things going for me.  By that August, I had the big jump in wool sales that I needed, and haven’t looked back!  I think my story is really a testament of what can happen when you get the right product into the hands of the right people at the right time, especially if you have the business savvy to capitalize on your magic moment when it arrives.   Of course, now there are so many photographers that have become enthusiastic fans of my fluff.  My ongoing success wouldn’t be possible without so many talented supporters who tag my business page and let me use their images.

There are three images that I’ll never forget that contributed directly to my success.  Looking back at them now that I have collected hundreds of images of my products in use, they don’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.  But they were at the time.  These were the three images that literally changed my life by jump starting my prop business:

  1. Oatmeal rustic wool fluff by Cream n Cocoa Photography
  2. Lemon Tart rustic wool fluff by Newborn Photography by Jade
  3. Baby Blue farm fluff by Nicole Smith Photography

oatmeal 2

Photo Credit:  Cream n Cocoa Photography  – Oatmeal Rustic Wool Fluff

cornsilk 9 - Gao

Photo Credit: Newborn Photography by Jade – Lemon Tarte Rustic Wool Fluff

Photo Credit: Nicole Smith Photography baby blue 1

Photo Credit: Nicole Smith Photography – Baby Blue Farm Fluff 

What do you think you did in the history of your business that propelled you to the next level of prop vendors?

There are so many things that I do that I think have contributed to my success.

First and foremost, I try to offer really great customer service.  I respond to messages quickly and ship quickly.  I think it really makes a difference if customers know they can count on you.  They not only feel good about giving you return business, but they also recommend your shop wholeheartedly to others.

Another thing that makes me a little unique is that I decided to only carry rts (ready to ship) items in my shop, and I try to keep up a good selection so that there are rarely any times when the shop is closed or bare.  I might have had similar success doing made-to-order, but rts works so much better for me because it allows me to ship quickly and is much more efficient.  When I do give in to preorders, I find that invoicing and keeping track of pending orders takes up so much extra time and mental space!

Also, I’m always on the hunt for great images of my products and am constantly collecting them (after asking of course!).  These days I also carefully solicit pictures of new products from photographers who have given me great product images in the past.  I don’t even offer a new item for sale until I have a good in-use image of it.  The images sell the product, so I place a high priority on getting the best possible images of each and every item that I sell.

Lastly, I realized early on that the prop industry is very much trend-driven and evolves at a fast pace.  There are other sellers coming up with fresh beautiful stuff all the time.  There are also sellers copying or piggybacking on the newest “hot” trends.  Just look at how many other vendors are selling un-felted wool these days!  So I know I have to be coming up with my own new and unique products on a regular basis if I want my shop to stay relevant and interesting.  That is a constant challenge, but it’s just the reality of this business.  I definitely strive to be a trend-setter though sometimes putting my own spin on something like a bear hat and lovey combo is good enough.

3 words that describe your style best:


I’m a very naturally minded “eco-friendly” kind of person.  It took me awhile to realize that in the prop world, “organic” is used as an adjective to describe the way something looks, not how it is made.  But however you use it, organic definitely describes my vibe!


I only work with natural fibers like wool and silk so obviously they look natural.  I’m also a sucker for outdoor setups and real barnwood!


It seems odd to say in an industry that is incredibly trendy, but I really love classic, elegant, simple designs.  Luckily that seems to work right now.  I don’t do much that is bright, big or cutesy.  Those all have their place, but they’re not my cup of tea.  The right color and texture are really all you need.

You never cease to stun us with your beautiful wool props.  Where do you find your inspiration to consistently be a trendsetter?

I think I’m naturally creative and innovative.  My problem has never been coming up with new ideas for props, but rather how to narrow down the the infinite possibilities and focus on the ones that make the most sense, and then get them into production.   Some ideas “fly” and others end up sitting too long on the shelves, but there’s no way to know quite what you’ve got until you test it out.  Also, it probably helps that I’m the main breadwinner right now.  I know I have to be coming up with new things to keep my sales numbers up where I need them to be.  That gives me a lot of motivation.

Do you have a vendor that you team up with from time to time?:

I haven’t actually experienced much jealousy or cattiness at all.  I haven’t gone looking for it, and luckily it hasn’t found me!  I don’t like drama, so I focus on making my shop the best it can be, and try not to worry about what everyone else is doing.  I actually just started a Facebook group for vendors with Shawna of Wild Blossom Props.  Its called Prop Vendor Community and we hope to meet more vendors and have a positive space to talk about the prop business and have other ladies to bounce ideas off of who are facing the same challenges.  I’m hoping it will also turn into a place where seasoned sellers will give encouragement and and answer questions for new prop makers who are just starting out.  For any vendors interested in joining, the group can be found here: Prop Vendor Community.

If you could meet one person from the newborn industry, who would it be and why:

I really can’t single out any one person.  There are so many!  I’m not even going to name names.  I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful photographers now, even if its only because I sell them fluff and they let me use their images.  It would be nice to meet more people in person though.  I have a handful of local customers who come to shop in my basement.  The whole family ends up coming down to meet them because its such a rare occurrence to interact with fluff-lovers face to face!

Your favorite prop to make and why – it can be a throwback!:  

I love mixing different techniques together. For example, I like putting needle felted elements on knitted hats. All of my bonnets that I’ve done that with so far (bears, foxes, reindeer) have been a big hit!


Photo Credit: Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel

Any plans for upcoming changes to your store or your line in the near future:  

Well, its always evolving.  I’m trying to figure out how to keep more of my popular fluff colors in stock on a regular basis while still having the time and space to add new things.  I’m also wanting to expand my selection of props that match my fluff.  I’m hoping to debut new bonnets, blankets, wraps and maybe even some outfits in 2016.  I’d also love to do a line of headbands that match my fluff if I can ever find the time to work on that.  Fluff will always be my main focus, but playing around with matching ensembles is really fun.

That conclude the interview and by now you can see why this woman is taking charge of the wool fluff in the newborn prop industry.  One of my personal favorites from Elizabeth’s shop is her Fairytale Fluff!  Below are a few images of some of my favorite colors in use!

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Photo by: Jennifer Rittenberry Photography – Shell Fairytale Fluff,  Bonnet by Knits & Giggles

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Photo by: Jennifer Rittenberry Photography – Sunflower Fields Fairytale Fluff, Halo by Created by Carli

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Photo by: Jennifer Rittenberry Photography – Cranberry Fairytale Fluff, Tieback by Little Olive

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Photo by: Jennifer Rittenberry Photography – Cranberry Fairytale Fluff, Tieback by Sew Whimsey

Oh So Fleeting can be found online at the links below!

Big Cartel



Instagram: @ohsofleeting

Thank you for sharing you time with me and please check out some of Oh So Fleeting’s shops.  You won’t be disappointed!  Leave a comment below if you are enjoying this series or are interested in becoming a featured vendor!

If you would like to get more information about booking a newborn session with me, please visit me at or email me at

Jennifer Rittenberry Photography specializes in newborn, baby, family, child and maternity photography in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas including but not limited to Mount Washington.

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Being a photographer in the newborn industry has afforded me a lot of new friendships with some really wonderful people.  Some of which are my prop vendors!  I thought I’d change it up a little today to feature one of my favorite women in the industry to work with.  Meet Mila from Art My Blanket!  I can remember my very first purchase from her and actually found her on Ebay about 3 years ago.  We both have come a long way in our businesses since then.  She is such a remarkable prop maker that I wanted to share her with you today and let you get to know the woman behind the computer screen!

Mila in her studio.  Love all of the light and the soft colors she decorated with!

Mila in her studio. Love all of the light and the soft colors she decorated with!

Here is how our interview went 🙂

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Milena, or you can call me Mila, I am a person behind ArtMyBlanket Props for newborn photographers. I am a mom to two beautiful kids: my daughter Alisa, 3 years, and our recent addition to the family baby boy Maxwell, he is 3 and half months. I’ve been married for 4 years. We recently bought our first house and moved to Pound Ridge, NY. I finally had a chance to get my very own craft space and I couldn’t feel happier about it. You know, those crafty people. But long before that, I was born and raised in far east of Russia. There is a little town called Tynda. If you look on the map, you will find it almost on the border with China and not too far from the deepest lake in the world called Baikal. I say not too far, but it takes a day and half to get there by train. Russia is huge and people have very different perception to the distance. The winters are very harsh there, its starts in September and ends in April. That massive snow we got in New York this year surely reminds me of home.

Craft space

Craft space and yarn stash in Mila’s lovely new studio!

Craft Space

Clean lines, gorgeous light and drool worthy wool hanging on the wall. What more could a fiber artist want?

What did you do prior to being “Art My Blanket”

I’ve been living in Europe for five years before coming to the United States. I have a Hospitality background. Finished my degree in Switzerland, worked in front line and sales, in both small boutique hotels as well as big corporations. I had an interview for management training in US, I passed and that is how I ended up here. I came to Washington, DC first and then when I met my husband I moved to NY.

How did you get into knitting?

It’s a total mystery for me. Believe or not. I never thought of it before I got pregnant with my daughter. They call it nesting instinct, surely it was. I wanted to make something very special for her, before she was born. I opened YouTube, the rest is a history.

What made you take the leap from being at a full time job to awesome knitting meister?

When my daughter was 5 months old I came back to work, I loved taking care of my baby girl, but I got to the point that I had to do something else in my life as well. But when I got back to working full time I quickly realized I could not do it either. At the same time my passion for knitting and craftiness grew, as well as my yarn stash. I started to sell some stuff online to get some funds for my hobby, solely to buy more yarn until the time I opened for myself the fiber arts (working with natural fibers). That’s where my mind got blown away. I tried to learn as much on fiber types, dying and spinning and I registered my first fiber related business. I have it till today, and never looked back.

Do you recall the first thing you ever knitted?  Yes! Baby booties for my daughter.

Baby Booties

Do you remember the first sale you ever made? Was it to a photographer still in business?

Yes, it was an Easter Bunny Hat. I was so excited, my first sale! I can not find her photography page, unfortunately. It could’ve been a mom, buying props for her coming baby photo session. Don’t know.

3 words that describe your style best:

Beautiful, soft and unique. I’d like to stress the last one, because it is so important to me. I am all for originality, I try to create my own designs and that is why I make my yarns for blankets from scratch. I want to make sure it’s completely original and I am in full control of design. Just one of my core principles. You know, when I just started I had a line of blankets that were selling really well.  However, when I found out that there is actually a person behind a design idea (it was not copyrighted but she started to make them first), I discontinued, though so many vendors selling them to the day. I just couldn’t feel a relation with the product. Originality, that is what I strive for. Sometimes I get the messages from customers asking me if I can do something similar. They usually send a picture. I say, sorry no. It’s not the sale that is most important, it’s a whole concept of being happy with what you create and how you do it. If a photographer looks at the prop and thinks “that looks like from ArtMyBlanket” then my mission is complete  🙂

Craft Space

Craft Space

You always have fresh designs and cool texture to your work. Where do you find pattern inspirations (a place, a book, while shopping, etc):

Thank you! I believe that inspiration is such a beast that doesn’t want to be chased. Thus I don’t limit myself, I just observe. But of course nature. If you look how balanced the colorways in nature you don’t need to go any further. They are beautiful, appealing and comforting. I always take notes, many notes, not to forget the color combos. I experiment a lot and I ask photographers if they like it. The customer knows better, right 🙂

I would have to agree with her on that, but I will say that she comes up with some of the coolest colorways for me to use in my newborn sessions.  They always add the perfect touch!  A few examples below for you to see some of her beautiful goodies in action!  I know I gasped really loudly when this package came in the mail.  It was one of those “heart racing a mile a minute” moments when they came popping out of the mail bag <3  You prop lovers out there know exactly what I’m talking about.  HA!

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Mini Blanket in use from Art My Blanket.

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Mini Blanket in use from Art My Blanket.

Louisville KY Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Rittenberry Photography |

Mini Blanket in use from Art My Blanket.

Funniest thing you’ve ever knitted as a gift to family / friends:

Turkey Hat for my daughter on her first Thanksgiving.

Turkey Hat

Just for fun I threw in these few little “First thing that pops into your mind” questions.

Guilty pleasure: good chocolate, I’ve been living in Switzerland long enough.

If you’re not knitting, you’re out doing: I am running to the Post Office. I am joking, taking care of kids, doing interior design for our house, spending quality time with friends and family.

Next vacation planned: we are going to Las Vegas for the first time!

Are you the Chef in the family?  We have equal amount of responsibilities and listen to each other equally, but I’d say my husband is.

Best dish you’re known for:   Beef Stew

If you could meet one person from the newborn industry, who would it be and why:  There are so many people from the industry I’d love to meet as I am following on their works daily.  But let’s start with you Jennifer 🙂  (haha, she’s a jokester!)

The fastest thing you can knit: washcloth.

I want to sincerely thank Mila for being such a good sport and participating in this blog session.  I really enjoy working with her so much and hope that you will take a few minutes to visit her shops.  You seriously won’t be disappointed!

Mila also has other online stores besides what you see on Facebook!  Check out more of her work on the links below:

Etsy – Art My Blanket

Etsy – Art My Blanket Yarns


If you would like to get more information about booking a newborn session with me, please visit me at or email me at

Jennifer Rittenberry Photography specializes in newborn, baby, family, child and maternity photography in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas including but not limited to Mount Washington.